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The North International Music Competition is an online music competition for musicians around the world.

We want to encourage more young musicians to perform and grow. A competition can offer many benefits to our participants and provide a platform where they can feel comfortable competing. We hope that this will help developing a confidence and help musicians realise their dreams and potential. Our purpose is to discover artists of outstanding personality and provide awards which can help to launch international careers.

The aim of this competition is to find performers with a strong artistic personality and stage presence. The emphasis is therefore not on the purely technical aspect of the performance, but also on the artistic charisma of the performer.

The Autumn Competition 2018 is now CLOSED! Results will be displayed on the 21st of December 2018.



We are very happy for our two contestants Arthur Edman and Cynthia Soto, who were invited to participate in the International Music Festival-Competition “Stars at Tenerife” between October 26 through November 1st 2018. Both of the contestants managed to get the First Prize in their own group.


The North International Music Competition was also there, and we had some representatives at the festival giving away special prizes from us.

Congratulations to Lidia Maria Dias de Castro, Judith Bool, Patrick Meier and Artem Shendrik.


XV International Festival “Moscow meets friends”: 

We are excited to announce that four contestants, Arthur Edman, Arya Su Gülenç and Mert Hakan Şeker from our previous competitions, will represent The North International Music Competition in Moscow at the XV International Festival “Moscow meets friends”– the most ambitious project of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Fund from 1 to 12 October 2018. The festival has been held annually since 2004 with participants performing at the best venues in Moscow.

Arthur Edman
Arthur Edman
Mert Hakan Şeker and Arya Su Gülenç
Mert Hakan Şeker and Arya Su Gülenç

The First Grand Prize Winner Of The North International Music Competition:

Raphaël Jouan  – Cello 

Raphaël Jouan with his outstanding technical abilities and enveloping warm tone has expressed a deep understanding for the music and the composer in his performance of the Cello Sonata by C. Debussy. Aside from his musical abilities, he possesses the qualities that we associate with great musicians.

We will sponsor him with a reduced cost to the Kronberg Academy in Germany. The threefold aim of the Kronberg Academy Foundation is to provide support for up-and-coming professional musicians, to create a place for musical stimuli in Kronberg and to give people opportunities to experience the wonder of classical music.

Watch Raphaël Jouan perform the Cello Sonata by C. Debussy.

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